How BeaconPay Determined How Their Cloud Infrastructure Is Burning Money

We break down our work with payroll management company BeaconPay and how we’ve helped them determine issues on their cloud infrastructure.

BeaconPay is an HR management and payroll management system built for businesses of any size. They offer “a range of payroll solutions that fit around your unique business and provide hassle-free processing of your payroll.”

Offering a guided payroll run, record maintenance, and payroll automation, BeaconPay runs a tight digital ship to serve its customers. Their infrastructure is hosted in Azure.

We had the pleasure of working with BeaconPay and reviewed their current infrastructure. Our goal was to find opportunities to optimize their Azure to improve security, save on cloud spending, and increase cloud efficiency.

Using our software, we were able to collect the following findings:

• Some of BeaconPay’s virtual machines were overprovisioned, meaning certain machines use less than its capacity.
• Some servers have public-facing access. This presents threats in terms of security. It’s a security flaw makes the company vulnerable to hackers.
• BeaconPay only has one Active Directory (AD).

Next, we sought “Reader’s Access” on BeaconPay’s cloud infrastructure. Upon verifying and cross-referencing the data, our experts were able to analyze and propose the following recommendations:

• Scale down virtual machines at least one level of its original size (i.e. 8GB to 4GB RAM)
• Provision another virtual machine to use as an interface. The virtual machine in question would be connected to development or test boxes. This means they would only have one public-facing server — also known as a “jumpbox” — instead of many.
• Create an additional AD, and configure it to act as a backup.

These insights were given to BeaconPay, who duly implemented, and as a result, came out with a better-optimized cloud infrastructure.

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