How ABS-CBN Saved 40% Off Their Cloud Spending

Our work with ABS-CBN helped their company save approximately 40% off cloud costs. Read the full case study.

ABS-CBN is one of the largest corporations in the Philippines. A storied institution in entertainment, the ABS-CBN Corporation is the largest media conglomerate in the country, speaking in terms of revenue, income, market capitalization, and workforce. The company owns many thriving media properties, including the same-name television network, sports channel, cable service provider, digital agencies, and more.

Unsurprisingly, ABS-CBN is the largest Azure consumer in the Philippines. While the company works with an entire wealth of cloud resources, their digital content manager believed that there was a way to spend fewer resources by optimizing their cloud infrastructure.

This was where our Cloud TuneUp experts came in. The first order of business was an initial audit.

Throughout this process, our experts looked at ABS-CBN’s activity for each resource of up to three months since the project kickoff. We also inspected their databases, cloud services, machines, and the like. We have arrived at a clear diagnostics that the company is paying for twice the resources necessary in order to run a smooth operation, at least on their consumer-facing products’ end.

Our experts made their recommendations: to de-allocate half of their virtual machines (or VMs) and make changes to resolve compatibility issues as well as better optimize ABS-CBN’s queries.

Being the largest media company in the Philippines, it made sense for ABS-CBN to spend handsomely in terms of cloud resources. Understandably, they were afraid of downtime and latency. The issue, however, is that some resources were unnecessarily upscaled. Once our experts ran their audit and the company saw that they could save a substantial amount in cloud spending, they were happy to take heed of our experts’ advice, resulting in approximately 40% savings.

To top it all off, ABS-CBN brought us back to inspect their infrastructure, specific to the movie and television streaming application, iWantTV (now called “iWant”). We ran our diagnostics and recommended to scale down app gateways, VMs, and sequel databases. This resulted in roughly 25% savings on ABS-CBN’s part, which translates to roughly $10,000 a month.

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